Car accidents are common in Atlanta GA. In fact, Atlanta ranks fourth highest on the list despite being the eighth most populous state in the US. In the last few years, there were more than 300 000 reported car accidents each year!

While some accidents are more serious than others, even the smallest incident can take a serious toll on your body. Often aches and pains only set in a few days after the accident, but if left untreated they can linger and even worsen. Chiropractic care is not only gentle and drug-free, but it is also an effective treatment for many car accident injuries—providing relief and supporting healing.

4 Common Car Accident Injuries

Here are five common auto injuries that benefit from chiropractic care. 

Note: It is vital to get checked out straight after any accident to ensure you don’t have any broken bones or internal injuries that need medical treatment.

1. Whiplash

As your car crashes to a stop, your seatbelt keeps your torso in place but your neck and head are flung forwards due to the forward movement of your head. This sudden jerk strains and damages the soft tissue in your neck. 

Symptoms of whiplash include stiffness and pain when moving your neck, reduced movement in your neck, headaches at the base of your skull, and tingling or numb sensations in your neck and shoulders. 

2. Shoulder Pain

Depending on the tension in your arms at the time of impact, your shoulders could take a serious knock. Often pain felt in the shoulders is radiating pain from the neck but it can also be a result of soft tissue damage and inflammation around the joint—especially if your x-rays are all clear.

Symptoms of shoulder pain include stiffness, pain, and reduced mobility. 

3. Back Pain

Car accidents can affect your back in a few ways. Pain in your upper (cervical) spine due to whiplash is common. But lower back pain is another common complaint. The forces exerted on your body (even with a seatbelt on) can interrupt the alignment of your spine—especially if the impact on your car was side-on.

Symptoms of back pain are difficult to ignore. You’ll experience pain while moving, sitting, and even lying down. Inflammation around your spine can put pressure on the nerves causing sharp, shooting pain down your legs (lower back) or in your arms (upper spine).

4. Joint Pain

Ankles, knees, and elbows can get knocked around and contorted depending on the type of accident you were in. If your bones are all intact but you’re struggling with pain and inflammation, then you can be sure you have damaged or sprained the soft tissue around the joint.

Symptoms of joint pain include discomfort and throbbing pain made worse by movement or pressure.  

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Chiropractic care can provide relief and support your body’s natural healing function in a few different ways. After being thoroughly examined, you can expect your chiropractor to craft a treatment plan that includes the following elements.


Your chiropractor will perform specialized manual adjustments on your spine to ensure your vertebrae are optimally aligned. This provides relief as pressure on your spinal cord and nerves is released—especially for injuries like whiplash or lower back pain.


Your chiropractor will work on troublesome joints to relieve tension and improve movement. They will use (and teach you) specific stretches that improve joint mobility and relieve stiffness. They will also suggest exercises to support your healing at home between treatments.


Through specific techniques, your chiropractor will use manual therapy (massage) to reduce inflammation, promote circulation, ease tension and promote your body’s natural healing process. This has been proven to especially provide relief in cases of whiplash.

If you’ve been in an accident and you’re suffering from lingering pain it’s time to get some help. Contact Integrated Health, your local chiropractor in Atlanta, GA, and leave your joint, back, and neck pain in the rearview mirror!