Slip & Falls

Slip & Falls with Chiropractic Care

It is our goal to seek and identify the origin of your pain and discomfort, relieve the pain, and rehabilitate areas of injury. Upon your initial visit, the doctor will consult with you, review your medical history, conduct a thorough physical examination, and document and diagnose findings as it relates to posture, structure, function, flexibility, restriction, spinal alignment, and overall health. If, upon completion of the physical examination, it is determined that a co-management medical referral is appropriate or that further analysis and testing is needed to confirm a diagnosis, the doctor may request laboratory analysis, x-rays, and/or an MRI. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall, read our blog on what to do about slip and falls.

  • Full medical exam with appropriate documentation.

  • Quick service to get you better faster.

  • Working with attorneys and insurance companies for all paperwork.

  • Peace of mind that your recovery is our priority.

Chiropractic Care for Pain Management

If you or someone you know have suffered from a slip and fall injury, you may be entitled to compensation. In most cases, all that you will need to prove is that the injury was a result of negligence. Slip and fall injuries often include disc injuries (i.e. herniated, bulging), neck and back injuries and muscle/nerve damage. These types of injuries can affect your quality of life; meaning, after suffering any type of injury, it is of utmost importance that proper care is sought and that the injuries are properly documented. By seeking proper treatment, the body will heal more effectively, scar tissues formation will be minimized, and the risk of further injury will be reduced.

We will integrate chiropractic care with physiotherapy modalities and corrective exercises to promote healing, lessen pain, and speed the recovery process for a better quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

A thorough exam and therapy

No, Chiropractors in the state of Georgia are not authorized to write prescriptions, but we work with medical doctors that do

The Dr will formulate a treatment plan specific to your injuries after your exam is done

Yes, by appointments

No, we understand that life happens. We are happy to accmmodate your schedule.


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I enjoy going to this clinic. I never have to wait long to be seen and the doctor doesn’t make me feel rushed. The staff is friendly and they always have candy in the front!!! They even sent an Uber to pick me up and drop me off!!

Marilynn M.

My experience was nothing more than pleasant! The staff along with Dr Gregory assured me that with consistent treatments, the pain from my injuries due to a auto accident would subside….It did, thanx guys!!

The One And Only

I had a great experience, the service was great , doctor treated me well, I had a accident and my body was hurting their treatment healed me up well, I had to thank them. They were very professional as well.

Terrell Jones

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