As more people work from home, more people are getting creative with their workspaces. And rumors have spread that exercise balls help improve your core muscles, even when you’re sitting still on them. Therefore, many people believe it’s an ingenious way to exercise while sitting. Not to mention, it’s said to reduce your lower back.

The spinal experts at Integrated Health and Injury, serving Atlanta, Decatur, and the nearby GA regions, would like to chime in. We’re a solution for chiropractic care and physical therapy near me and can even provide occupational therapy in these areas and thoroughly understand your musculoskeletal system.

May Worsen Your Back Pain

Studies suggest sitting on a stability ball as opposed to an office chair may actually worsen your lower back. This makes sense when you think about it from a chiropractic standpoint. With an ergonomic chair, you may support the entire time you’re seated, though if you slouch, you reduce the benefits of these chairs.

On the other hand, when you use an exercise ball for a seat, you’re responsible for holding your back and body in perfect alignment. If you neglect to do so, you’re going to have pain. Honestly, think about it. Are you going to focus on sitting up straight the entire time while you’re working? More than likely, no. Therefore, you may be placing excessive pressure on your lower back and straining your musculoskeletal system in other ways. In fact, if you have a slumped posture on the exercise ball, you’re stressing your spinal discs, particularly in your lower back. This makes you more prone to disc herniation as well as lower back strains. Not to mention, since the stability ball distributes your weight differently, it may contribute to soft tissue compression.

Could Lead to an Injury

Minus the possibility of back and other musculoskeletal problems from poor posture on the exercise ball, you’re also more likely to sustain an injury. For instance, let’s say you stop paying attention to staying upright on the ball for a moment, the ball could easily roll and cause you to fall off and sustain an injury.

Might Not Have All the Health Benefits They Claim

You’ve probably heard sitting on an exercise ball works certain muscles. This, however, may not be true, as noted by a study published in the National Library of Medicine’s database. During the study, the subjects sat on a stool and compared it to sitting on an exercise ball. The study concluded there was no difference between sitting on a stool versus an exercise ball in terms of muscle activation. In fact, the study evaluated muscle activation profiles of 14 muscles and found no differences.

May Not Affect Posture

When you’re exercising for 30 minutes or an hour using the stability ball, you’re centered on your core muscles and posture. However, increasing the time you’re on the ball isn’t necessarily extending how long you’re focused on posture. With you being more likely to slouch on an exercise ball, you might not be doing your posture any favors.

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