Drug-free Pain Management is Possible!

Chronic pain is a condition that affects over 20% of the population in the United States. That means that one person out of every five suffers from pain on a regular basis. More “traditional” medicine has played a large role in the over-prescription of opium-based pharmaceuticals, also known as opioids.

Conventional medicine paints this as a necessary evil, and for some cases, it absolutely is. But for the majority of people suffering with chronic pain, the solution often lies elsewhere. So why is it that there are so many people out there suffering from chronic pain without getting the treatment they need? To us, the difference comes down to our process and the results that our methods deliver.

Where Many Go Wrong

Overall, most physicians aim to give the best care they can. But in our current healthcare system, it can be difficult to provide the type of comprehensive care that makes the difference in patient outcomes.

Many doctors have to fill so many patients into their day that you can often feel ignored or simply “pushed through” your visit. There’s little time for anything other than what’s immediately in front of your doctor in your chart. Normally, this is fine for diseases like strep throat or the flu, but when it comes to pain and pain management, it’s a different story altogether.

With pain management, the root cause of pain is sometimes unclear. There are a host of factors that can contribute to pain, and it’s rare that the cause can be found in the office that day. There will likely be referrals to other medical professionals, which is fine, but rarely do these professionals communicate enough to put the entire picture together.

The Importance of the “Big Picture”

Nothing happens in a vacuum. The body is a series of interconnected systems with your spinal column running through the middle of all the action, connecting the nerve impulses from the brain to all of your extremities.

As such, there are many factors that could be causing your pain and discomfort. The easiest way for many primary care doctors to simply appease the patient is to prescribe some sort of medication to mask the pain. The issue here is that it is just a bandaid to the problem — and can cause even more problems in the future.

For instance, if your pain is happening from a misalignment somewhere in your body’s framework, masking the pain likely won’t make it go away. In fact, as your body develops a tolerance to pain meds, it can get worse. And sometimes, this makes a doctor increase the dosage. This can lead to overconsumption and eventual dependence on the medication, and all the while, the root cause of the problem is still there.

It’s critical for your healthcare provider to take a more holistic view of what’s causing your pain. Only a multifaceted approach will really work to make the difference you need for your condition.

How We’re Different

When you trust us to care for you and your family, you become a part of our family. Our staff consists of medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and more. What this does is allows your condition to get the focus of a team of specialists. You won’t simply be passed from one person to another, rather our team works together to put together a treatment plan that will first and foremost address the root cause of your pain.

When you’re referred to one of our other team members, they consult with one another so that everyone is in the loop and knows your situation.

This way, if you need chiropractic care, physical therapy, or standard medical care, you can receive it when you need it — all under the same roof.

Working this way, you get the best care available, especially when it comes to pain management and other aspects of care. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, please schedule an appointment with us today. Find out how chiropractic care help with chronic pain management. Your future self will thank you for it!

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